Text with special characters

Hi @Sauron

I saw your speech bubble effect. Like it a lot.
However I have a question … how did you manage to enter special characters?
like a Thumbs Up icon … in your illustration?

I tried using many fonts and also the “Character Map” recommended by Microsoft … copy and paste.
Does not work …
Also I think SC does not allow to have more than 1 font set for each Text:Simple frame.

Appreciate your help please

Used an online Emoji site.
Copy any emoji and paste it into a text box. You can have multiple emoji in a single text box or one in each box.


With installed fonts on your computer, you can only use one font per Text:Simple filter.
This is how to use the Character Map that’s in Windows. Then just CTRL+V in Shotcut.

A few other fonts I have installed.

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Thanks @Sauron,
Simple as that huh !! Really appreciate this … wasted 1 hour trying to figure this out …lol.

Thanks for confirming only 1 font set per filter of text:simple.
I did use the “Character map” but my needs is a mix of font set which @sauron advise resolve it for me.

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