Text + Wave (video) filter

I’m new to Shotcut, coming from Openshot, Shotcut gives me more control over audio which is important to me.

However, that’s not my concern here. For a video project, I need text to be animated as if it were underwater. (It needn’t be realistic.) The wave filter should be sufficient, except it looks horrible when I actually try it. As the text moves, it reveals black behind the original position instead of a transparent background.

Is there a way to get the desired effect or is this just a limitation I need to accept? I’ve tried using the simple text filter on the clip, a .png with a transparent background and text, and just a transparent .png with the text filter. All produce the unmoving back outline…

Put the text on a transparent clip.
Add the Wave filter. Add a Chroma Key Simple or Advanced filter. Set the key color to black.
The filters should be in this order.


Put the clip on a track above the video/image.



Thanks! Chromakey is such on obvious solution now that you’ve pointed it out.

I just checked the code of wave to confirm it is not aware of alpha channel so it just passes through. Maybe if this gets rewritten for some reason it will be addressed.


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