Text size changes after clicking on text in timeline

I have added a text filter and saved it using the “+”. If I later grab this title in the timeline again, to have it moved or copied, the text size become bigger and I had to reload the saved profile. It happen for each timeline.

I use a i7 processor, vnand SSD card and 16 Gb memory.


What is your version and operating system?

Windows 10, version 18.12.23, installed last Saturday.

(As extra information, I use a transparent picture on another video track than my track with video clips.Then I add filter Text to this picture.)

I also noticed that not all settings are loaded what I choose another preset. The color for example is loaded but the size remains the same. From my logic, the preset contains all settings.

Also, if I save it under the same preset name, there is no warning that the name already exist and with a question to overwrite existing.

Make it also possible if the contents should be part of the preset. Many times the title should bear the same layout/color/font/position etc. but the contents is different.

If you want a more predictable text size in a Text filter preset, then you should click the “Use font size” checkbox. Otherwise, it will use the size of the rectangle regardless of your project resolution.

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