Text:Simple - Format of #createdate#

Awesome new function to have the creation date available in the text filter.

It would be even better, if one could change the format of the date.

In my case for example to DD.MM.YYYY.

You can use the standard strftime formatting inside the # #:

#createdate %d.%m.%Y#

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That really helps. Any idea how to use “%B” (full month name) in my locale?

Change the language of the shotcut UI does not change the locale of the text.

I think it’s your OS language but I don’t know for sure, at the top of View → Application Log I get this line:

[Info ] <qMain> locale = QLocale(English, Latin, United Kingdom)

There might be some extra argument or workaround with 3rd party apps, I see one suggestion to create a separate user with your desired language then use Run as to launch as that user.

Unfortunately, this has no impact:

[Info   ] <qMain> locale = QLocale(German, Latin, Germany) 
[Info   ] <ShotcutSettings::log> language "en_GB" 

The engine interprets the date format string, but it must run in a locale independent manner to avoid trying to have a numeric locale in XML. It used to have locale dependent numeric strings in XML years ago, and that was a big mistake.

Does that mean, the time formats are fixed?

Sorry, I meant “date” instead of “time,” but yes.

Hmm, ok, thanks for the quick answer.

Couldn’t you pass as a further parameter the locale when computing the string? The locale is available, like we have seen in the application log.

That would help to place Shotcut as a truly international program. :slightly_smiling_face: