Text:Simple Effects should be TWO way!

Hello There,
I run a Gaming channel by the name Zen Games-

I have made various videos with Text commentary on the channel. Now when we add Text: Simple We can see that Presets have effects like “Slide in from bottom” 'Slide it out top" etc.

Say I set a text box so slide in from top. Text slides in. But then what?
Doesn’t it feel Incomplete?

I firmly believe all these effects should’ve been TWO Way. How about “Slide in from top THEN Slide out from Bottom” ? Or allow us to add 2 or more effects for each text box.

Thanks in advance.

Those are just simple presets.
To get the full power from Shotcut with text, using Keyframes is what you need to learn.

Here is a simple tutorial on Keyframes.

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Thanks for the Tutorial.
However, Adding simple IN & OUT to simple text without keyframes would be still very welcome I think.
Thanks again.

I agree with the bolded part however with the slate for the 2 Shotcut devs being full right now I don’t know if this can be modified anytime soon (check out the roadmap here). Fortunately there is a simple workaround, in case it won’t be done anytime soon. You can add more than one Size and Position filter in one clip. So have your text written up then pick one instance of S&P for the start of the clip and a 2nd instance of the end of the clip. Here is a demo I made. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, Yes!
That is exactly the way I do it on my Youtube channel. Size and position for another effect.
Thanks again for the Inputs. I am Glad I am being heard.