Text separator between seconds and frames ":" or ";"

What is your operating system?
Mac OSX 10.14.6

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?

In a 30 fps project, the text separator between seconds and frames is “:” (colon)
If I change the frequency to a non-integer frequency, the separator is a “;” (semicolon)
Is this a bug or an intended behavior?


Intentional. The semicolon indicates a drop-frame timecode is being used. It’s a SMPTE convention. Sometimes a dot is used instead of a semicolon to indicate drop-frame, too. Including a visual cue like a semicolon prevents people from wondering if their timeline is broken when they can’t seek to 00:01:00;00 because that’s an invalid timecode in SMPTE drop-frame.


Thank you for this explanation with a reference to the SMPTE convention that allows me to go look up detailed articles on the subject.

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