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Hello everyone,
I encounter a bug when exporting a clip with version 24.01.28 and W11.
In this clip I have a final rich text whose characters are white, but after recording on the finalized video the characters appear black.
I restarted the recording several times with no results.

White is the default, you need to select a color.

Type out the text, highlight the text, and then select color.

After selecting color. I also changed the font type.

A small precision to @Hudson555x’s reply.
The default color of the Text: Rich filter is White, unless you paste text into the filter. In that case, the default color becomes Black, even if the text still appears White in Shotcut’s player.
In this case, you actually need to select the text and change the color.
This also happens in previous versions.

Petite précision à la réponse de @Hudson555x.
La couleur par défaut du filtre Texte: Riche est Blanc, sauf si vous collez du texte dans le filtre. Dans ce cas, la couleur par défaut devient Noir, même si le texte apparait toujours Blanc dans le player de Shotcut.
Dans ce cas, vous devez effectivement sélectionner le texte et changer la couleur.
Ceci se produit également dans les versions précédentes.

Paste - I have varying results, depending on how/where the text is copied from. From a website, most of the time, yes it’s black, with Verdana font, at a font size of 9. Pasting from Microsoft’s WordPad, I get 100% white text, with Verdana font, and a size of 72, despite what font/color/size I used in WordPad.

Paste Text Only - This is always pasted as white for me, with Verdana font, and a font size of 72.

For me, this filter has a lot of very awkward ways it works, and I suspect this filter’s paste may work very differently for each OS. This filter does solve the issue of having the ability to have multiple fonts, colors, and sizes all in one filter instance.

For me, the best way to work with this filter is to type one word, CTRL+A, and select color, font, select size, then add/change the text.

If you need to copy/paste a large amount of text, in this filter, then it may be best to Paste, then CTRL+A and change all attributes.

My OS: W11

Same for me. Work correctly

Copied from Word, LibreOffice or Notepad, the text is pasted in black (logical since it’s usually copied in black on a white background), with font size 9.
However, it appears in white in the filter, and this is what causes the confusion.

This seems to be @Epsilon85’s problem. Other posts mention it.

Totally agree with you.

Good morning,
Thanks to Hudsonn555x and SergeC for your answers and explanations.
I applied Hudson555x’s solution and it worked well, the text appears white after export, this had never happened before on other clips.