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When you use text rich, the things you write start outside the rectangle, and when you play the video, the text you write gets cut off in the middle, just like if the rectangle where smaller.

I don’t think this is normal behavior, gonna have to provide more details

Have you tried resizing the size of the text box by dragging one of the corners? Have you tried changing the text properties (changing the font, alignment, etc)?

A screen capture of your Shotcut window showing the problem would also help us understanding your issue.

yes i have tried, im going to show a video

As shown here, in one print when i click on the clip i have the text box in, the text is in its place, but when i change clips, i think, the format of the text box goes to format and the text unformats.

The next print is in the next reply

Have you tried playing with the “overflow” property in the filter properties? Also make sure the box fits in the video canvas

yes, i have tried, doesnt change anything, only if im using it wrong, but it doesnt change anything when i change it to visible and hidden

Pleaser share a capture of the ENTIRE Shotcut window.

Make sure the clip where the Text filter is applied is selected
AND that we see your Filters panel.

The whole screen

It might be related to your Shotcut version and the Windows display scale setting. If it is urgent, I recommend you make the text in another program like the included Glaxnimate program or another that can export with transparent background PNG.

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i exported the video and then with the windows predefined programmer, clipchamp i put the text on top. Thank you for the help

For what it’s worth, I have exactly the same problem with Shotcut 23.09.29 on a Macbook Air M1 with MacOS 12.7

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