Text: Rich not included in exported Video

As you can see (“shotcut.png”), I have created a Text: Rich element with some text in it.

To confirm, that it actually saved what I have added, I have taken a look at the .mlt project file, and yes; it is also included here (see “shotcut project file.png”)

When playing the video in the Preview Window, I can see my rich text just fine.
However, once I export it and watch the result, it is just completely absent. (see “exported video.png”)

Does anyone know what’s going on? Nothing seems to fix it
Cutting the element out, repasting doesn’t work
Deleting and re-creating by hand, doesn’t work
It seems as though I am just doing something wrong

PS: Who in their right mind thought that a person may only need 1 sole image to describe a process of problems?

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What are your export settings? Could you upload the MLT file so someone could have a closer look?

Did you select the text color (WHITE) yourself? If not, do so. See here for a possible solution:

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Oh don’t tell me it shows white in preview but is actually black by default

Yep. That was it
That is very unreasonably stupid

I’m afraid so. The default is black, but the preview window (Visual User Interface) shows it as white.

Just select the text and choose the color WHITE explicitly.

This has caught out quite a few people and personally I think it is not the right thing to do.


That cost me too many hours of going back, forth and rendering :melting_face:

I would like to improve this, but I will need some help to reproduce it. Here are the steps I am using:

  1. Open a black color clip
  2. Add a Rich Text Filter
  3. Observe that the text color shows as “black” in the toolbar
  4. Click in the VUI to type some text
  5. Observe that as soon as you type, the text color shows as “white” in the toolbar
  6. Export the video
  7. Observe white text on a black background in the exported video

Somehow, for some people, the toolbar still shows black on step 5.

Can anyone else provide simple steps to reproduce the problem?

I followed all the steps you laid out and I observed white text on black background.

For me, the text color remains black in the toolbar if I Edit > Paste (not Edit > Paste Text Only) text from an external source, like the Notepad.

But if I follow your steps, the text color in the toolbar, shows white when I start typing.

This is fixed for the next release.


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