Text: Rich Keyframe export fails

Shotcut version 24.04.28 / Windows 10x64 Pro (22H2), “setup install”

Unsing “text: simple” behaves different to “text: rich”. Using keyframes on “rich” text leads to unexpected results on export (in contrary to preview).

Both types are added with “open other” to timeline:

Seems to be different to previous “filter” bugs of “rich” text.

Hi @NoSi,
Probably a color problem. Sometimes the text is displayed in white in the viewer (especially with copy/Paste), but the color is black when exported, so invisible on a black background.
Workaround: Change the text color.
Read MusicalBox’s answer in this post:


Thank you!

After “resetting” the font color the result is same as design in Shotcut.

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