Text: Rich issues

Does anyone else have a problem with Text: Rich?
Ever since they did away with HTML I have had problems with text animations. They never seem to render correctly. Whilst I am giving it a good workout using numerous tracks and FX (scroll, fade in/out, dissolves etc) it never fails to render incorrectly. Last couple of videos I did I ended up using Text: Simple which I animated with keyframes (really not as much fun as it sounds!)
Have taken to drastic measures and recorded Shotcut in Player mode with VLC and will use that.
Almost ready to look for another editor which is a shame as I really like Shotcut.

Some guys here have good experiences with Text:HTML, mainly for movie credits. I personally find it way too restrictive so I use one of two ways of rendering HTML/CSS animations.

One way is to use an older version of Shotcut (v 20.07.11). I keep a separate copy of this available just to be able to use Text:HTML animations.

Another way is to use OBS studio to play the HTML as a “browser source” and record the video. In both cases I import the video clip produced back into the latest version of Shotcut.

Some just run the code in a browser and use a screen recorder like Sharex to record the animation and import the clip into Shotcut.

OBS handles newer HTML animation techniques, like 3d, better than the webkit browser that was included in the older Shotcut versions with the WebVfx framework.

See here for more details:

Thanks for the quick and positive response. I recently downloaded OBS so I will definitely check that option out. Wish I’d kept an old version of Shotcut!

A version fully supporting Text:HTML can be downloaded below. Just save it in a different folder e.g. Shotcut_with_webvfx

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