Text rich 20.09.27

Thank for new version.
If you please what are the use of “overflow, hidden, visible”

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From the Shotcut News page:

Added an Overflow parameter to allow text longer (taller) than the rectangle.

Not 100% sure @Epsilon85 but I think that fixes the problem of some text not showing in the exported video. It happened when you input more text than the Text: Rich rectangle area can fit.

Thank you for your reply.
Have a god day

Not a fix but a feature. Think long text like scrolling credits. Now you do not need to make the rectangle taller than the video, which makes the text editing easier.

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I had a quick glance at version 20.09.27. And about the Text: Rich filter, is it normal that I don’t see a bar to scroll the text ? I pasted a long text in the rectangle and found no way to scroll it. To get to the end of the text I had to reduce the zoom to 10%

There is a vertical scroll bar but not when the Overflow is visible or is Automatic and the height matches the video mode! Unfortunately, making the overflow preview properly in the editor breaks the scrolling behavior. Change it to hidden temporarily, and the scroll bar is disguised within the right edge of the rectangle (as a darker border when using the dark theme):

And before you ask about changing the scroll bar, no I cannot control and change that.

It is unfortunate that to achieve the stated goal of editing long text that you need to temporarily switch overflow to hidden. If the preview does not honor the Overflow option then it would be confusing and misleading, which takes a higher priority.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll look for this bar tonight.
And I have not intention to ask you to change anything. I was just making an observation. I love this new text filter, particularly its capacity to open html files. I’ll probably use Libre Office Writer most of the time to format my texts and import them in Text: Rich.

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Also, you typically do not need to use the scroll bar and can use the mouse wheel or move the cursor. But of course that still depends on overflow being hidden.

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Thank you for your reply and suggestions

I came back to check version 20.09.27 and I now see the scrolling bar you mentioned. But it turns out that what I noticed yesterday was the absence of scrolling when the text AND the rectangle are longer than the preview window.

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Thank you so much for all the great new features!!! Is it possible for someone to make a tutorial for beginners like me to do a scroll text (credit roll) I am lost and have had no luck in being able to do that.
It would be greatly appreciated.

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