Text not in right position exporten in 1440p

Hi hello! I have made some videos now in Shotcut at 1080p but need 1440p to get VP6 codec for my videos on the internet. (video made in 1080p, exportet at 1440p, dual pass, 50Mbps, mp4, Libx264 )

The problem I now just noticed is that text is moved to the right quite allot and parts of it ends up outside of the screen! Really frustrating after rendering my projects like this for like 24h on a I7 6700k @ 4.8Ghz :expressionless:

How I do my text for my videos is by adding a empty image on a new channel and add the text to it. (if that matters)
Images I add ontop of the video is all fine and videos blending togheter on diffrent channcels also works fine! The only part of the video not rendering right is the text stuff ! Really sucks you know :tired_face:

Edit/ Btw I think I found why it happens! It’s the rotate filter that dose it! I removed it to test and now it export fine. But only for text stuff. Images using the rotate filter is all fine? To bad I need to rotate my text 80% of the time :grimacing: Meh… /Edit.

18.01 version and 17.12 of Shotcut same problem. Thanks for this awesome program! Loving it!

It fails if you don’t set the correct video mode

Step 1: Set your video mode to 2560x1440 (Settings>Video mode>Custom. Add new video mode)
Step 2: Import your 1920x1080 video source.
Step 3: Add your text (by whichever method you prefer)
Step 4: Export.

Result: Text is the same size and in the same position as was in the editor.

Ow I never got back to you… Sorry.

Yea it works! Kinda odd but hey it works.

If I ever need a 1080p file I only have to remeber that the text is going off screan due to my video mode is now at 1440p. Kinda sucks but hey it’s atleast not broken. And not Blender. The horror of trying to edit a video in it is… Nightmare fuel.