Text not fading out with the video

Hey, I have a problem that my video fades and the text on that video doesnt. Have any toughts?

Hi @The_Simas

Did you use the Text: Rich filter for your text?

If so, make sure it is not selected when you preview your video.

still nothing i think it’s a bug or I clicked something because when i start a new project everything works

Move the Fade-Out filter at the bottom of the list.

yeah, it works! thank you alot!

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You’re welcome.

The order of the filters is important

In the list, the priority goes from bottom to top.

In your case, with the Fade Out filter on top of the list, it was just affecting the video clip, not the two Text filters.
Moving the Fade Out at the bottom of your list of filters made it affect the video clip AND the two Text filters.


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