Text low quality

Hi. Thanks for this program!
I state that I’m newbie. Why text is low quality after rendering?
(Sorry for my english)

Thanks you.

Can you provide more information?

A picture or a screenshot would help us understand what you are experiencing.

What export settings are you using?

On any project. I use 720p export settings.
Even when I create the text with Open Other / Text.
1080p … everywhere.

The text might have poor quality because you have it on a transparent background. Try putting text on a non-transparent background (like black) or set the text outline color to black.

I’m going to guess you mean that when you have a project Video Mode of 1080p, you change the export setting to 720p.

Thank you all for advice.
I notice, in my case, with white text on black there are no problems, but colour text it looks bad.https://forum.shotcut.org/uploads/default/original/2X/f/f1633138d7b4c9859ce8de6d252434fc5c29f2ed.mp4

Those both look “ok” on my monitor although the blue on black is harder to look at in general, putting an outline on the text(white in this case) should solve your issues.

What exactly looks bad? Looks fine to me.
If you’re looking for a perfect text image, you’ll have to make an image in a graphic editor then open it in Shotcut.

Thank you ALL!

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