Text is showed too late

I’m new user of Shotcut.
In project I’m using several simple Text filter
First few filters is showed immediately,but later it’s late one or two seconds.
Correct-few first text

Shotcut version 19.06.15

Select the clip and simple text filter. Then open the Keyframes panel. The first row shows the clip with a green edge on the left showing when the filter starts and a red edge on the right showing when it ends. Check those. Maybe some operation, for example an undo, failed to update the filter start to align with the clip start. There are some bug fixes in this area for the next version 19.07.

Thank you for your answer.
He was very helpful.
I wonder how put some image between frames.
I hope that some bugs will solved.Sometimes I can’t move image to emply place in timeline:blad
I must close Shotcut and open again.
Sometimes I can’t move frame on longer distance-come back to previous location. I must slowny move on time line.

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