Text is covered by clip | How can I put a text in the foreground?

Hi, I’m new here, so tell me if I’m doin something wrong.

I have three video tracks. In the first track I have just a text. In the second track is a video clip in portrait format. In the third track is the same video, but it is blurred and scaled up so it fills the whole screen.
Well, the problem is that the text isn’t completely in the foreground, the portrait video covers it.

I found out that the text jumps in the foreground when I hide the blurred video. That’s strange…

I tried the same thing with another video clip at the end of my actual video:
open file - select a mp4 video - let shotcut convert it into a mkv file - put it in track 2 and 3 - select the one in track 3 - add filters ('blur: gaussian" and “size, position & rotate”) - open other - text - drag text in track 1.
[I have to write the links like that because as a newer i can only share two links]

The problem is still there.
Then I did the exact same thing in a new project.

Why does it work in this project?
I use version 22.06.23 on windows 10.

PS: While writing this text, I solved the problem. I just copied everything in the other project where the text doesn’t get covered. I have no idea why this worked xD

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Your text needs to be on the topmost track (V3), not the bottom (V1).

It is. V3 is text, V2 is portrait video and V1 is blurred video. But in the original project it doesn’t work.

@Julian - Weird. Your timeline looks OK. No idea why that didn’t work, but I’m pleased you have now got it sorted out.

Hi @Julian
Did you rearrange tracks at some point?

There is a bug regarding track rearrangement in Shotcut version 22.06.23

Maybe that’s what happened to you.
This bug will be fixed in the next version that will be available very soon (maybe today).

EDIT: In fact the new version is available right now

I obviously misunderstood then when you said:

To me the first track is V1.

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Yeah I surely did. Thanks for the new version.

I’m sorry for that, I thought the topmost track is the first track.

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