Text in wrong place when exported

I add some texts in my video (not the filter), it looks fine when editing. But when I export the video the text shrink and move a bit to the left. How can I fix it ?

Hello, welcome :grinning::
I just saw this, but with the information you provide, I don’t know what’s going on.
Can you add a screenshot of your project?
Is the resolution of the source video, the project, and export the same?
do you have additional filters on the video? in what order?
I guess you are using the latest version of Shotcut and operating system W10. If not, can you indicate which version and operating system you use?

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I have an idea. Are you on a laptop with a display text setting different to 100% like mine?:

I found that when I made a project with text on my desktop, saved it, then opened it on my laptop then clicked on the text, the text appears smaller so this may be a clue to your problem.


thank you for helping!

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That is the problem, thank you!

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Wow, you got it right.
Is this right to happen?
shouldn’t it be independent of this configuration?

This would then clash with migrating a project from one computer to another with different text size settings.

Have a nice day. :grinning:

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