Text in export is smaller than text in preview

Hello everyone, I am an absolute NOOB when it comes to video editing so I could really use your help.

I just exported a project and found out that the exported font is smaller than the font in the preview. The video mode is 1080p 60 and the export is also in 1080p. This might now be all the info you need to figure it out so definitely let me know if there is something else I should post.

To be true, yes I noticed the difference, but it seems that the VUI handle makes it look like that.

Try by unselecting (not removing) the filter, maybe that will show a difference.

One more thing is the preview scaling, you’re using 360p for a 1080p video, that may show some blur coming out, sometimes not noticeable, qhich makes it look like the text ia bigger, but it’s not.

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