Text HTML not in my version

I am running the latest version of ShotCut on Win10 and I do not have the option to choose “text html”. It’s not in the editing options at all. Help! I’d love to use it.

Tearing Out My Hair!

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Hi @Mia_Hess

Text: HTML is no longer available in Shotcut
Find why in the paragraph : HTML5 Deprecation of this page:

I keep a copy of Shotcut 20.07.11 for those projects that need the Text:HTML as this is (I think) the last version that fully supported this filter.

@Mia_Hess - Just to add a tip - if you go to

and scroll down to version 20_07_11, I recommend downloading the Windows portable version, unzip, and putting the folder say on your desktop. You can then open Shocut 20_07 from there whenever you need the HTML feature and go back to the current version later without having to reinstall.

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