Text HTML Blank HTML Template bug

Open the Blank HTML template. Add some text. Select the text, click the Align Right button. The text is pushed all the way to the right edge of the editor screen, the increase and decrease indent buttons do not work on the text.

If the text is Aligned Left or Center the increase/decrease indent buttons work properly.

I believe I fixed the bug, but the file needs to be checked by @shotcut or @brian to make sure that I did not break something else.

Fixed template attached.

blank.html.txt (482 Bytes)

This bug does not affect the Simple Scroll and Blank with Web Animations Templates.

Blank is intended to be minimal, and your changes makes it less so. white-space: nowrap is unacceptable because HTML wraps by default (i.e. not basic/minimal). position: absolute changes the behavior of right align from aligned to the right edge to lines aligned with each other. Likewise, it changes center align to align lines relative to another instead of the page. One can argue that indent does not make much sense in the context of right alignment. That is what HTML is basically telling you when you place right aligned text within <blockquote> (indent). Outdent is merely the removal of indentation.

I do not think we should try hard to make the HTML editor controls behave like some word processor or have consistent behavior across all templates. It is simple, and the controls merely map to certain, specific HTML tags or CSS properties.

I just thought it was strange that the alignment and indent controls work well with the simple scroll and blank with web animations template but not the blank template.

Since blank is meant to be minimal I will use the blank with web animations template.

CSS does actually allow it though, so it’s strange the basic HTML editor doesn’t - see below:

The HTML editor is not using CSS text-indent. It uses <blockquote>. How it indents is not something I want to change. The HTML editor is based on contenteditable and mostly high level commands:

Yeah, I could try to change it similar to how I added some of the fancier stuff like formatTextShadow() where I invoke author-time javascript, but I do not want to change this and deal with all the side effects, bugs, and complaints that would result not to mention this is not a priority.

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