Text hassle

I’m following a tutorial video on using Shotcut for the first time. I took the same steps for adding the title on a separate video track, white lettering on transparent background, with fade out/fade in. However, when I play the video to check the effect the title first appears as black text THEN the white text fades in over it.

Did I miss something?

Adjust fade in/fade out’s to opacity.


WoW! Thanks, mate! It’s dead when you know how,

Sorry to trouble you.

On another note, when entering text (like credits, etc) is there a limit on number of characters? I’m making a promo video for my new book and Shotcut didn’t accept my short synopsis of the story.

Yes, you need to use Text: HTML for longer text or multiple Text: Simple. The HTML option also includes a template for scrolling animation and a visual editor that is much more expressive than simple.

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Ahhh, fantastic! Many thanks, Leader.

This is my first time using any kind of video editing program and chose Shotcut for its simplicity. I hope you can bear with me one more time, Leader.

For scrolling body text, is there a way to adjust the actual line spacing?

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