Text frame overshoots visible video by far

When using the add text filter, the text frame which overlays the video is far larger than the video frame itself. --Oops. I discovered that I had inadvertantly ‘toggled’ the ‘zoom’ under the video frame!

You Solved it? Btw you can Move the Text and also increase / lower the Size With the filter “Size and Position” Have Fun :slight_smile:

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It appears that I had zoomed the frame without realizing it. Now, though, I’ve hit another snag. Of course, all this is due to the fact that this is the first day of using the program. Some of the videos from my phone are coming out rotated 90 degrees clockwise and standing sideways. I’ve found the rotate and scale filter, but the image is scaled down to 57.9%. Is there a way to rotate the picture without shrinking it down so radically? Just a way to rotate the image at full size without scaling it down?

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I Need to Go to work i’ll try to Help you today evening feel free

Btw on my Profile you can Go to my YouTube Videos all those we’re Made With shotcut, There you See its such a usefull Programm ^^

Yeah, I’m liking it so far. I’m just slipping a bit on the learning curve.

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Alright If you have any problems or want to Know how Something (for example in my Videos) is Working or how you can do it, let me Know :slight_smile:

It helped me too! Thanks!

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