Text filter resize

I’ve got issue with “text” filter using 17.08.01. Once I use one of predefined settings the text position is ok.

But one I just try to resize a bit parameters goes out of scale. I could not insert setting manualy also

What is the reason? Is it any known issue or I’m doing something wrong?

I can’t quite understand what you are trying to explain?
None-the-less… I have no issue with text resizing and positioning in the current version of SHotcut 64bit on Windows 10 Pro.

May be this video will show more, what I mean.
I’m using the Win7PRO 64bit also Shotcut is 64bit ver.

I’ve noticed also same behavior using filtr “Size and Position”

Strange, I have none of those problems when I do the same actions.

Windows 10 pro Shotcut 17.08.01 64 bit.
No problems with text or size and position.

In fact it is. I’ve even tried to uninstall and do install again, but still same behavior.
There are also very strange values of size and position when I try change it (please have a closer look on my movie), once they are restored from fauvorite list they are ok, but after change size they are going to some strange values.

Might be to do with your PC’s location settings for decimal separators (comma or dot).
American English expects a dot (period) separator for decimal points.

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Thank you for the hint.
Actually that helped me to fix my problem. When I switch the location and Region format from Poland to United States. The problem disappeared, what is even more strange the scaling still worked well once I switch back to Poland regional settings again.
Finally I was able to duplicate issue once on Poland regional settings I’ve changed the decimal symbol to “.” instead of “,” as it is the default setting.

Now I can remember that I’ve changed it long time ago for some Excel reasons, and completely forgot about it.

Subject should be considered as solved to be closed. One more time thank you for support.

That’s all fine, but do we then have to change our settings every time we use Shotcut?
Can nothing be done about this in Shotcut’s preferences?
I use Winndows 10 too and I have UK settings and I have exactly the same problem.

I don’t really fancy switching my settings every time I want to use Shotcut.
Maybe a hint for an update?

Please correct me if I understood wrongly.
You have used all default regional settings for UK in win 10 and the problem exits. Only if you change manually the decimal separator on your county settings from “.” to “,” Shotcut is working well?

I use my UK default settings indeed.
However, I have not changed any settings, hence I always have the fault.
It should be up to the makers of Shotcut to make sure the program works on all regional settings.