Text filter - Probléme for change size text

It is not possible to change the font size. Size 24 blocked
and it’s not possible to move the text window correctly.
Shotcut 17-03-02 OS Windows 101

Works fine here. No software bug.

The font size of the text filter is dynamic and scales automatically to the size of the active area. (I too would like fixed font size, but that option is not implemented)

However I too experiences a bug when ajusting the size of the active area. It goes haywire when pulling in the control points. On Windows. Latest version of SC.

Fine here. Same version running on W10 Pro 1607

same problem here (win10, latest portable version, nvidia + intel)

Where is the solution?

Steve_Ledger didn´t solve anything, he just said that he has not the problem,

But I have the same version of shotcut, and i have tried in 4 different computers all of them with windows 10, and i have the same proble in all of them:

When i tried to change the size of the text filter clicking in a corner, all the text dissapears, and all the corners too. It is very desperating.

Any real solution??? please!

Hello, to solve this problem make settings / display mode and choose “OpenGL”

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Thanks a Lot!!! I will try tomorrow.

It works!!! You are my hero!!!

Grazie Mille!

Mine does not work!!!

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I have the same problem. I can’t change the font of my texts at all. Not the font, not the font style and not the size. I can only make the box smaller or bigger and in that way change size but that is all. I can’t even see to which size I changed it (by dragging the box) because when I go to the font settings it’s always stuck on font size 26.

I tried to put display mode in OpenGL but that does not work either.

I can’t imagine why I have no problem yet all of these posters claim a bug.
If it was a shotcut bug then we should all experience the exact same issue, yet I do not on two computers.

This is how you change font and size and then see the changes on screen.
[1] Select the clip
[2] Select the text filter
[3] Enter the text
[4] Choose the font (It is not necessary to choose size)
[5] Resize the text bounding box with your mouse and the font face will change to what you selected. Size will change as you change the size of the text bounding box.

If this doesn’t work for you, then the problem lies somewhere else.

The font size in the font dialog is ignored and not used. This is by design to instead use the on-screen rectangle control. The size selection in the font dialog cannot be removed because the GUI library Shotcut uses does not provide that option!

If you want something with a little more control and do not need the support for variables in your text (e.g. timecode), then use the Overlay HTML filter.