Text filter is not working?

For some reason when I try to put a text filter on a video, and type in the text, it wont show up, the little box is showing to put the text in but nothing is appearing, help?

Make sure the clip is selected.

Im so dumb thank you

Evidently, I don’t understand what it means for a clip to be selected. The clip has a red margin around it in the timeline, the text filter menu is up with my text in it, and the visible text box on the clip viewer pane is empty.

Also make sure the Playhead is at the position of the selected clip where the Text is going to show during playback…
Think linearly :wink:

Maybe the playhead position was the problem. It seems to be working now. Thanks very much.

i did all that but mines still isnt working please help

omg nvm i has music selected xD