Text Filter Help


I’m new to shotcut, and I have a couple of question regarding the Text filter (or maybe any filter?)

  • Is it possible to add the text during a period of time only? For example, I would like to add a text to a 6 seconde image, but I wanna add it from 2 sec to 4 sec.
  • Is it possible to fade in and fade out the text like we can with a video or an image?

And finally, not about the text filter but : How to add an image in a image/video (Like a little emoji for instance)

Thanks everyone!

For your text filter, read this post: Problem with text filter (it’s a reply/solution I put in this thread that will help you).

Apply an image, in the Timeline, Add Video Track (V2). Import your photo, and just drag/drop to the new video track. If you wanted text on top of that image, Add Video Track (V3).

Ok thank you, I’ll read it and try!

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