Text Filter Alpha Channel Broken

After I installed the latest version (Windows 10 64 bit) alpha channel does not work on the text filter.

Font alpha is stuck at 255 and reverts back to 255 and changes color to white when changed.

Background alpha can only be 255 or 0. Any setting between 255 and 0 just reverts to 255 and changes color to white.

I have GPU processing disabled. I tried enabling GPU and got a run-time error.

Tested on Windows 10 and OSX, both newest versions. Reproduced on Windows but not OSX, so I think this could be a Windows exclusive issue. (Or maybe also a Linux issue but I cannot be sure.)

I noticed on OSX that the interface for selecting color is just a default system one, where in Windows the interface is specifically a Shotcut one, so my guess is the bug lies there.

If the issue is still valid after the upcoming release then a fix can be scheduled for the one after that.

In the meantime could someone with a Linux OS look into this?

I checked it on my machine which dual boots Windows 10 and Xubuntu 16.04, both 64-bit, and Shotcut 16.10.1. On Windows, I can reproduce the alpha reverting every time to 255 but my colors revert to black the second time I select them. The first time I get the color I selected but then if I select Font or Background again, the color reverts to black.

On Linux, the color reversion to black is the same but the alpha sliders do maintain the setting I pick.

On both OSs, after fiddling with Font and Background three or four times, they both lock up and no longer open the “Please choose a color” dialogs.

Thank you @john827472. :slight_smile:

The behavior you describe on Windows is exactly like what I’m getting too. But I’m glad to hear that it is working slightly better on your end.

If there is not already an issue on Github after the next release I’ll make one.

I fixed this bug for the next release v16.11


I am running shotcut 17.06.01 on Windows 10. I’m just learning the program via James Woo’s tutorial. It’s a great program. Thanks to all who made it possible.

However, when I open a color generator and set the alpha channel to 0, it immediately reverts to 255 so I can’t get transparency.

I see that you fixed this bug for an earlier version. Should I revert back a version or two until the alpha channel works?

Thank you for your help and your great work!

It works for me on Shotcut 17.11 on Windows.

I continue the thread here…

I work with 2 tracks. I want to have a title on v2 overlapping over 2 clips on v1.
For this I insert Color Black with 0% opacity. And I add a 3D title to this color Clip.
However opacity always goes back to 100%. The behaviour is very strange.
As soon as I try to edit the opacity of the color via the properties setting.
Shotcut Crashes. Whatever Compositing settings I choose is the same result.
I attach hereby a screenshot just before the crash.

Thanks for help

OSX 10.13.3 mac mini, Shotcut 18.03.06

I tried a workaround with an empty png image with only alpha an no color.
however the alpha channel seems definetely broken. I am attaching the empty png and
two screen shots with the Alpha Channel Show Filter set to gray and to Checkerboard:

last pic is transparent

Not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but here goes … The text filter alpha channel bug - reversion to 255 - has been in Shotcut pretty much all the time I’ve been using it seriously, which is since August 2018.

I’m referring to the background only; never had a problem with the font.

The weird thing is, it isn’t consistent. I use the text filter a lot, and the reversion to 255 happens in only a small number of cases - mostly when I’ve used a large number of characters in multiple rows, and when I’ve gone back to edit the text filter. I’ve actually seen the number for the background (I tend to use 230) change back to 255 after I’ve OK’d an edit.

Shotcut is a great program, and this is a pretty minor issue. But if a fix is possible, I’d be really grateful.

I should add that I run Shotcut in Windows 10, and that I update it regularly (version 19-01-27 as of right now).