Text element button


I would like to suggest a text element button. It’s still the same style in how you edit(split where you want it to be), but with the addition of a button on the top row.

Implementing this will help greatly since you can edit the elements within the text without disturbing the video such as fade-in & fade-outs. You can even style them however as you want :smiley:

Current method of adding and editing text is intuitive enough. Adding text overlay with fade-in/out is a simple matter of adding a new track.

See this

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Or you can just create an transparent png with gimp and add text on it. Easier to set in & out point and transitions.
Then you can copy paste the PNG + text in multiple points of your project.

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I respect your opinions, but in my opinion making this is much more easier. What I mean by styling them is you can customise every single aspect in a text you made without adding new tracks or cutting anything. But that’s my opinion :smile:

P.S: Can anyone explain how to make a customised fade-in & fade-out as shown in this video? I can’t understand clearly.

So you want to use some different tools and methods which are not available with this software instead of using tools and methods which are?
The methods described in the linked video above are not completely different to many other NLEs where text effects, video effects and overlays are created on other tracks. Think of tracks like you would layers in Photoshop.

I’d struggle to think of a way which is clearer to explain than in this video. It’s quite straight forward. Which part are you struggling with?

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Sorry for the late reply. I should have learned Shotcut more before posting this.

Also I already understand the video, thanks for your help!