Text editing query

Just beginning using Shotcut and have inserted text into a short clip following which I saved the clip as an MLT file to open and continue editing later.

When I opened the file to continue editing I couldn’t find any way of editing the previously inserted text. The text filter is gone. Is anyone able to tell me whether or not I’m doing anything wrong or is there no way of editing the text even after a project has been saved as an MLT file

Hi @prophet - welcome to the forum. It’s best to put your text on a separate video track. I made a tutorial video which might help:


… and if you’d like to go a stage further and do some fancy effects to your text, this might help:


PS you can edit the text in your project by selecting the clip, then clicking the “filters” tab. Then you can edit your text in the text field.

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Morning @jonray
Thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated.

Having come across Shotcut only yesterday I just started playing around with it so wasn’t aware of the subtleties but I’m a quick learner and your short video has clarified what I need to do. So, onwards and upwards.

Thanks again.
ps I subscribed to your channel :smiley:

My pleasure. Good luck.

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