Text Editing - Click in what rectangle?


On the documentation page,


, there are 2 references to text:

GPS Text Video Filter


Text: Rich Video Filter

The second one is relevant, but it doesn’t contain any documentation on the subject.

I got as far as adding a filter, and selected Text: Rich (which is the only option). When I click on the filter, there’s a temporary popup that says

“Click in the rectangle to edit the text”

, but I have no idea which rectangle they’re talking about. There’s a rectangle in the Timeline section, there’s a Zoom rectangle under the video. It’s not obvious at all, which rectangle we should click in order to start adding captions.

I’m working with Windows Shotcut 21.03.21.

The large rectangle in the Player window. See below:


It’s the white lines and 4 boxes you see in @Elusien screenshot to be precise about what he was talking.

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Thanks. I can see the rectangle (I think), but when I click or double-click, there’s no place to enter text.

Never mind. Got it. All you do is start typing, as soon as you click inside the rectangle. You don’t wait for a prompt.

Thanks for the assistance, Elusien & Ar_D.

This type of input is called a Visual User Interface (VUI). It is actually a simple WYSIWYG HTML editor.

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