Text does not hide in Elusien's TextFlow

Hello All,
A great thank you to @Elusien - for Elusien’s Shotcut WebVfx Framework.
I am new to html. I was trying to hide text after using text flow type 8 but even after giving proper ‘finish’ parameter as ‘hidden’ the text does not disappear and it stays even after end duration. I was trying on chrome browser first.

Here’s my sample code:
“id= ‘text’ class=‘webvfx’ data-textflow =’{start: 0.1, end: 0.8, begin: hidden, finish: hidden, ease: easeInSine, type: 8,80%: wait}’>@PK_27

I would appreciate your help.
A big thank you to all developers who are developing, maintaining and adding new features to shotcut.

Just seen this. I’ll have a look at it this afternoon. Boring things like clothes washing and shopping have to be done first before my wife gets back from a golfing holiday.

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Hi @pk_27 -

@elusien or yourself will correct me if I have got the wrong end of the stick here, but my guess is that you have applied the textflow to your whole long clip and are expecting the textflow to stop before the end of the clip is reached.

In which case you need to select just a section of the clip (using “s” for split clip) to apply the textflow to - the text will then stop at the end of the section.

This is my understanding of your problem but I may be wrong here. Hope this helps.

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Hi Jonray
I am trying it on chrome browser.
I have given following setting data-control=‘15:30’ (15 secs clip),
data-textflow =’{start: 0.1, end: 0.8, begin: hidden, finish: hidden, ease: easeInSine, type: 8,80%: wait}’.
So I am expecting the text disappears after my clip time ends, am I wrong here?

Just to confirm, the text should disappear at the end of the CLIP (on the timeline). Make sure you make a selection of your video 15 seconds long by using the “s” shortcut and apply the textflow to that section. The text will not just disappear after 15 seconds if you don’t split the clip where you want it to disappear. (Shotcut doesn’t read the data-control information. The duration of the effect is dependent on the length of the clip).

Hello Jonray
Yes I understand that, but I wanted the text to disappear with effect (as it appeared).
My under standing was that since I provided ‘finish’ parameter the effect should end with time, as specified as per documentation:
_finish : hidden - at the end of the clip the text will be hidden. _
Use this if you don’t want the intact text to show after it has flowed onto the page.
(DEFAULT = visible)

Ah . OK @pk_27. I think @elusien would be the person to advise you on that. Good luck! :grinning::grinning:

It appears that you have indeed discovered one of those rare phenomena - a bug in the code. My old boss always used to say you can always reduce code by 1 line and every piece of code has a bug in it, so eventually you’ll end up with a single line of code, with a bug in it.

I’ll try to find some time to fix it. But in the meantime there is a workaround, by basically animating the opacity from 1 to 0 when the first clip ends:

data-textflow =’{start: 0.1, end: 0.8, begin: hidden, finish: hidden, ease: easeInSine, type: 8,80%: wait}’ data-animate='{start: 0.08 , end: 0.081, 0%: {opacity: 1;}, 100%: {opacity: 0;}}'

:grinning: …“Its not a bug, its a feature”…so I discovered a new feature…
Thanks for your help!

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