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Help help help. I made a video using text simple. I’m using the latest version of shortcut, just downloaded it today. When I went back to look at the video/clips, all the text is gone? In the filter box, when I highlight the clicks, I see the text filter with the text that should be on the clips.

Could you post a screenshot of your full Shotcut window, showing the filter settings?

Is there a checkmark here? (This means the filter is activated)

Do you have any tracks above V1?

Yes that is checked on all the clip. I double checked them all. I’m not sure about the other question. I’m using video stock from Pexel that I always convert to 1080. What’s crazy is sometimes the text is there and sometimes it’s not

In your screenshot, you have the clip highlighted on Track V1. Are there any clips above this one? You would have V2 or V3 above V1 if you did. Your screenshot cut off the parts of the Shotcut window.

I have the arrow pointing from the clip you have selected to the filter settings. The clip next to it may not have this same filter applied to it. Which may result in not seeing the text all of the time. To see the preview correctly, you need to have the Playhead over the clip you are applying the filter to, which you have done correctly in your screenshot. It’s not really crazy. It’s all learning how something works.

Sorry just realized what u asked, no I have one audio and one video track

I am able to duplicate your screenshot, which is why I asked if you had the checkmark.
This is correct filter behavior.

With the checkmark, it works fine for me.

It was the font I was using. When I changed the font, the text on all the clips displayed

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