Text causing video playback to lag horribly

So, I’ve been using Shotcut for a couple months. And it’s been a fairly decent experience. But just now, it’s started to become weirdly laggy. Specifically, I’m currently making a video, and I went to go put some simple text in it. But then my playback becomes really laggy only DURING the time the text is on screen. Otherwise, it runs the same as usual, rather well.

I have preview scaling set to its lowest, and with no proxy enabled. I have an HP Pavillion laptop. Unfortunately, that’s all I can really gather cause I’m not tech savvy enough to dig through for my laptop’s system specs. It’s running Windows 11, though.
At the time I experienced this lag, I had not upgraded to the newest version of Shotcut. Tried that, and it still wasn’t working properly. I tried restarting my laptop. Nothing. I have no idea what’s causing this, so I’m asking for help.
I wish I could record a video of this happening for further context, but I cannot do so.

Are you saying before now it wouldn’t get laggy? Did you recently started to use 4K or higher quality/different videos?
For me it’s always been the case that 4k footage runs smoothly but as soon as I add effects like text or color grade/saturation/contrast etc it becomes choppy because it has to process that effect.

I never use the 4K resolutions. And yeah, before now text would display fine. But lately it’s been getting choppy during display of any text I add to a video. The larger the string of text, the choppier it seems to get. Actual text size doesn’t seem to matter, only the amount of characters.

When you do that combination, Shotcut needs to scale down your source video to the preview size in realtime, which adds overhead. If your proxy size matches the preview scale then no scaling is required.

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