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I am finding very few text effects in shortcut. I would like to know how to add background color to the textbox in Simple Text and how to vertical align text to Rich Text box. Is there any possible methods for that? Will you be adding many different text effects in videos including boxed text in the future versions?

There is literally a parameter in Text: Simple that is called “Background” along with its related parameter called “Padding” which controls the size of the background color for the text. Have you tried them?

Yeah, I have seen that and it was the text background color. I was asking about the textbox background color so that I can give a shade to the background of the text box, which I would be able to vary the size with the textbox. I am not able to box the text or center the text in the box with sufficient spacing, please help.

I’m afraid I don’t understand the distinction between “text background color” and “textbox background color” that you’re making.

Did you try the Padding parameter that I also mentioned? That parameter works best when you have the Use Font Size option checked.

Have you also tried the Text: Rich filter? It has other options for text as well.

I do this a lot.

Text is a filter that can be added to a colour clip or onto any video clip.
To have text on a coloured box use insert other text and set the colour of the background clip in the properties tab.

Next add a size / position filter to set the size of the background box.

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Yeah, I did try that and it is working after adding one more filter. Still I am unable to resize the box to a customizable shape as the sides of the box are proportional and it only varies with a definite rectangle shape. It would have been easier if I could change the background color of the text box, the problem may be solved. Customizable textboxes have become an essential part of most videos nowadays.

If you want more control over a text box colour, just use the ‘open other’ and select colour, resize and position it and add the text in a layer above it!

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Other creative ways of working the Text: Simple filter.
Using other filters in addition to Text:Simple is the magic.
Every image is created with Shotcut, fonts downloaded from free sources.
Shotcut Logo is from here: https://shotcut.org/media/

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@zecrichardson, Thanks for the advise, will try that way and see if it helps.
@Hudson555x, Ok, I will try using layers to do that. I am looking for boxed text for intro text, text description, appearing text, logos etc. Let me see how I can get to it. Thanks

Something like this?

Feel free to post examples of what you are looking for in here.

Yeah, it is something like that with the possibility of different ways the text will appear in a box in the video, will search for the tutorials of that. I think it is done using CSS in HTML Text, everyone might not be very familiar with the code. I feel that a background color in the text box will suite many people who make simpler text designs. Thanks.

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