Text as introduction

Hi there,

I´m new with Shotcut which seems to be a nice tool for video edititing.

My first task will be introduct a text area into a video. Placing the text and export the video has been done.
But I´m not able to edit the text, set appearing time and so on. Even I have to recompile the whole video which takes too much time I want to wait for simple adding text area as introduction.

Does it goes easier and faster?

Kai, Germany

You need at least two video tracks in your timeline.
With Open Other->Text generate the text & drag and drop the text section into a free space of a video track.
If you want to have animated text than the app glaxnimate is recommend.

I´m sorry missed the video on shotcut´s homepage.
Really nice… thank.

But what about the recompilation time? For a moderate video in .mp4 shotcut need about 4 hours.
I know it depends on length and quality, but do I need really to recompile the whole video when only adding a simple text introduction?


Shit happens… thanks anyway :slight_smile:

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