Texas State Aquarium Caribbean Biome - 360 Ewan

Texas State Aquarium Caribbean Biome - 360 Video Walking Tour done using an Insta360 One X and edited with Shotcut. Thanks to all the folks here who have made suggestions on filters and settings. Hopefully you can see the improvements that have been made!

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do they have bobbit worms in that aquarium?
Just always wanted to find more about these strange creatures

I don’t recall seeing any there when we visited, but they are constantly changing exhibits so it might be worth visiting their website and dropping a question.

Hey, man. Frankly speaking, I don’t understand the people, who make the aquariums in such places. They endanger the fish’s lifes. I mean, that there are a lot of risks, begining with the human’s acts and ending with the vermins, that can be met there and damage or even kill the fish or other residents of the aquarium. If you don’t understand me and think, that it’s nonsense, then just click here and make sure, that worms are more dangerous, then you think, and their beauty is just trick for smoking your mind. Make conclusions, dude.

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