Testing EbSynth to create effects in Shotcut projects

I just found this small program called EbSynth (https://ebsynth.com/). It’s supposed to be used to turn ordinary videos into animated paintings. But I bet it can also be very useful to create other effects in Shotcut projects with minimal efforts.


  1. Using Shotcut, export an image sequence from any video.
  2. Edit only one (or more depending on the video) of the images with your favorite image editor and EbSynth will try it’s best to apply the modification to all the images in the sequence.
  3. Import all the edited frames back in Shotcut.

I made these two quick tests.

It’s not perfect in the second clip. The scar movement does not match the face perfectly in each frame. I don’t know if it’s because the area modified is too small or if it can be corrected by adjusting the settings. Or maybe I needed to edit more than one frame. I need to do more tests.

The important thing is that in each clip I only edited ONE frame. EbSynth did the rest.

If you try (or have already tried) this program, let me know what you think.


It will be interesting to try something with this.
Thanks for sharing :+1:


Helpful at least for me.
I too like it! :+1:

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