Testing blend modes

I was searching for some free assets one can use in videos and stumbled upon Shutterstock’s ones (for example https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/191-free-video-design-assets). In the videos explaining how to use these they used blend modes. Of course, the beginner I am, I had no clue how to do this in Shotcut - I never heard of blend modes before. Fortunately there were some topics about it and I was able to blend some clips with a text clip (https://streamable.com/zwdvm):
Because there are no videos in this category, I decided to create a topic; even though my video is really simple.
If you have videos with (more difficult) examples, you can post them, I would appreciate that.

Edit: For a screenshot where to find the blend mode: Timeline Track:V1 Blend mode? Usage?

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For readers, Blend mode is a property of a Timeline track. To access it, click a track header (in the left hand column of the Timeline), and view Properties. The lowest video track (V1) does not have a blend mode because it does not blend with anything. Rather, all upper video tracks blend with V1.

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An excellent description of the blend modes with a visual example of each can be found here:


I’ve made use of this in the past when photo-editing, but it applies equally well for video editing too. All of the blend modes Shotcut supports are described here.

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