Temp or cache folder

Wondering if Shotcut uses a temp or cache folder and if so, what is its location? I usually like to keep an eye on these and clear them out every now and then. Thanks.


In Windows…
In Windows… Just the shotcut-log.txt is the only one that I know of.

I did see that faq, and all the folders noted are fairly small, which is good. My experience with other video editors (Premiere) is they create thumbnails, previews, and other cached files during editing or encoding, and doesn’t clear them out when the program exits; these files are sometimes almost the same size as the source material. Just wondering if Shotcut creates any of these temp files as well?

AFAIK Shotcut does not create thumbnails etc. I’m sure the developer(s) will correct me if I’m wrong.
The only place I’ve found Shotcut temp files is in this folder. Not many and not large.


Thumbnails and audio levels are stored in the database. It does use the system-defined temp folder to generate temporary XML files, which it ties to cleanup but may not upon a crash.

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