Teachable suggested export settings?

Hello, can you suggest me an export preset for exporting a video course for teachable?

I’m currently using the same as youtube (limited at a bitrate of 4Mbs) but its very slow.

Well i’m using a 1920x1080 frame size; i don’t if that it is too much for this use case or not.

Are you asking for settings to improve your export performance? 1280x720 may be acceptable however it may simply be the age of your system or some of the filters you’ve used as a 1080p youtube export shouldn’t be excessively slow.

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I highly doubt that teachable.com is directly streaming your video. Rather, it will go through a process to prepare it for streaming similar to YouTube (at a high level). Thus, you should not constrain yourself to a low bitrate like this. You want to upload something high quality and without a lot of rate control - teachable.com will take care of that. I recommend that you try simply with the Export defaults (same as clicking Reset or the Default preset).

As for the resolution, if you are making a screencast some people may complain that your 1920x1080 screen in their web browser is too small looking. Some people screen cast at 1280x720 to make it more readable. It depends on what program you are recording too and whether it is traditional or modern web-like UI. Some of the more modern apps look fine recorded at 1920x1080 while something more traditional looking like Shotcut may not.

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Thanks for the great tips!

So 1280x720 is the best for coding/programmers tutorials ?

I’m using 1920x1080 because currently is a video that show how to craft video handmade of my wife
but i’m interested in the topic above too :slight_smile:

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