Talking audio goes out of sink when exporting to mp4

Hello there,

When I export the video the first clip which is of me talking the audio and picture goes out of sink, in shotcut it is fine only when downloaded does it go out of sink?


One possible reason for audio sync problems is if the source video is variable framerate. Can you post a screenshot of the video tab of the properties panel for your clip?

Is that what you need, also what you say did make me think the camera has a variable flicker rate? The sink is about 6 frames off.

No. He means the Properties panel in Shotcut.

Hope this is correct

The odd frame rate is a little bit suspicious. I would suggest to convert to edit friendly, use the converted file, and see if the problem persists. This test could help to identify the problem.

FYI, even though Properties does not indicate “variable”, the variable frame rate detection is not 100% reliable as it is merely a heuristic based on looking at first several frames. And that odd frame rate is also a possible indicator of variable frame rate, which is not supported for editing.

I had this problem. I could play all tracks back in Shotcut and they would be in sync, but my exported final video would be out of sync with the soundtrack.

I found that this was because my audio tracks were monophonic, and needed to be converted to stereo to mat the resulting MP4 output. When I applied the “copy channel” audio filter to copy the left audio channel to the right one, my exported sound and video were correctly synced.

Let me know if this works for you.

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