System setup is lagging and taking a lot of Ram

Hi, when I’m using shotcut, only after cutting 2-3 part of my video with fade in\out and text overlay, I’m starting to get a lot of lag when I preview and it is getting worse if I continue editing…

I run an ASUS AMD Phenom 4X 3.4 Ghz at 8GB ram and Nvidia GForce Gt520 1GB on windows 64bit

I’ve already done everything possible to enhance my PC ram usage and I close every single program when operating shotcut. I also change the requirement of shotcut based on other forum posts. Nothing work.

Do I need a better graphics card, more ram or anything else? I thought my PC was good but after only a little edit I’m at 4GB of ram and everything lag… And I suppose that it will get even worse if I try to upload the video after the editing?


This chipset is a bit outdated.

Are you using a HDD (Hard Disk Drive), or using a SSD (Solid State Drive) for video editing?

Yes I bougth this computer a while ago… I’m using HDD

If you only have one drive, everything is running as physically fast a possible on the that one drive, including whatever Windows 10 wants to do. Not sure which version of Shotcut you’re running, but have you tried the 32 bit version?

Back then IDE drives were still readily available, which are slower than SATA drives. Then HDD have two different speeds; 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm.

I’m running this in windows 7 professional with the 64bit version… I could try the 32 bit or maybe the program would run better on my Asus Zenbook Laptop, i5 7th Gen with 8gb ram 3ghz, SSD ?

This will only let you use 3 GB of RAM for Shotcut. On a limited system, you should limit the resolution and frame rate of your project unless you take the route of manually managing proxies (not supported but search the forum for suggestions).

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