System resources consumed even after i closed the program

i was working on a video today with latest version(18.12.23) available. My video was 1.5 hour long and i just needed to add one image in the start and one in the end of the video (for intro and closing of video). After i was done i tried to export but it was taking very long time. my video needed no kind of tweaking just needed to add few frames in the start and few in the end. The software i used for recording the actual 1.5 hour video barely took 2-4 minutes and assembled the whole video and exported with very high quality. however i waited 3-4 hours for “Shotcut” to finish my video which it was unable to because first it was converting my video (for editing purpose) and then the actual export was taking so long so i gave up and close the program.

The actual bug is after i close the application i found my pc a bit slower than usual so i went to task manager and checked processes. I found still two process of this application were running in background even i have closed the application already few mins ago and they were consuming 95% of my CPU. i had to “End task” them. i could tell that those two processes were from “converting” and “export” class.

Please fix it, thanks!

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