When putting files sync, audio and mp4 files you can see (see!) on screen in the timeline. But not with imported MOV files. Why not? It would be so nice

Are you referring to an audio waveform that overlays each clip on the timeline?

I’m using Shotcut 20.07.11 and I get audio waveforms for MOV files. Their existence will be completely dependent on the codecs used in the MOV, though. What is the audio format in the MOV? Shotcut has a Properties panel with an Audio tab that will show the format it is detecting. If it cannot detect the format, then there won’t be waveforms either. Typical MOV audio formats like AAC, AC-3, WAV, ALAC are all generating waveforms on my installation.

Who can tell me how to synchrinise an audio file and an mp4 video?

I think there is no automatic way in SC. Play the video and try to adjust the audio manually until it fits. If both are the same length it should be easy by just placing them exactly over each other. If not, you have to do it manually.

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