Synching Audio and Video

I am trying to simply synch a video (MOV) and audio file (WAV). I move the video file down to the timeline I see that I only have a view of a clip from the start of the MOV file and one from the end of the MOV file. How am I supposed the synch these files when I cannot even see myself clapping? Should I not have turned the microphone off on the camera? That is, should I have aligned both audios, then deleted the audio from the MOV File?

Just move the playhead across the track. The viewer will show where you are at in the video. The thumbnails on the video track do not update.


You should do that the next time and then use our new audio alignment feature.

Sorry. Just not understanding. You are saying with both the MOV and WAV file down in the timeline I can If I right click one of the file, “select all” I do not see a chance to select Align to Reference Track

It depends on your version. Software is always changing, but if your camera footage is silent it will not work either.

Version 21.09.20

OK. I have downloaded 22.06.23 and I see Align to Reference Track but still confused. If I am in the timeline, right click, “select all” I then do not see any right click opportunities to Align to Reference Track.

Select All has nothing to do with this. Read the documentation I linked above.

OK. It worked. Thank you. Now just two more steps: how do “I trim the fat” up until the clap and at the end? Then do I just delete the audio from the video file or leave it as is?

You can split your clips and delete (remove) the parts you do not want. Or slick and drag the ends of the clips to make them shorter:

If your audio is on a different track, you can mute the track with the video.

It would be helpful to see a screenshot of your Shotcut UI with the timeline to give advice.

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