Sync Audio/Video- Convert problem

Have used sliding Audio sync to match video with Audio and play it in box to see its good now
BUT when i click “Convert” at bottom it keeps the old 0ms instead of my setting of say 800ms and new converted video is same as old bad one i trying to change.
Shouldnt any adjustments i make then convert?

Thanks for any help…

Sync, just add a delay between the video and audio play back and export.

Convert is just a way to convert your source video to a more edit friendly format, but will no change any thing else.

You need to make and export of your project to get a new video with all the actions your have added to your project.

PERFECT!!!- Exported and worked and now all synced correctly in new file. Another small problem though is that the old file was 12 mins Mp4 480p and used only 100mb* The new file and all others i was converting too are all approx 1GB?? so i changed the video output in HD 720p in settings and size is same 1280 x 800 approx so whats soaking up 900mb???


All Fixed!! I found the export file was made as avi and i changed it to MP4 and now its only 100MB same as old and all synced perfectly so i very happy but will spend more time playing with the settings so when i need to do more serious editing, i be ready.
Many thanks for your help - it seems to work very well and i forgot that with audacity you need to export too after editing so i had forgotten that - the convert is only for convert as you said here and all editing you must export to “convert” the changes!! haha

Ever tried Handbrake or DumboFab Video Converter? They can convert videos with audio/video sync.

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