[swscaler @ 0x7ff24871e280] YUV color matrix differs for YUV->YUV, using intermediate RGB to convert

Sorry I didn’t mean subproject in that sense, silly me. As for the automatic cleansing, I don’t understand. Brian says all the images loaded, so the missing references in the playlist were indeed unused? I meant that it should look at the timeline and remove all non-used references, when asked. Or you might be saying it does so after the aforementioned warning message ?

If a video is added to the timeline then removed, the reference is also removed from the XML file at that moment.

Similarly, if a video is added to the playlist then removed, the reference is also removed from the XML file at that moment.

By definition, media that remains in the playlist is always “used”. There is no such thing as “unused” references in the playlist, because the playlist is its own entity that maintains its state between editing sessions just like the timeline does. A video would have to be manually removed from the playlist to be considered unused, then its reference in the XML file would be removed at that point. This is the same as a video having to be manually removed from the timeline in order to be considered unused. Since your project still had 164 items in the playlist, those items are still considered “used” by definition of a playlist, and should not be automatically purged.

The danger of writing code that says “164 files not found, let’s assume they’re unused and purge the references” is that people often move projects from internal hard drives to external hard drives, or move projects to archive them. If they forgot some files during the move and open the project, the project will destroy itself by purging references that are still necessary parts of the project, rather than properly warning that files are missing and offering the chance to re-link them.

The playlist is an export source just like the timeline, and should be protected and maintained just like the timeline.

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