Switching between two videos

I was using Premiere (in a very basic way) to make my videos and I found ShotCut and I think is very simple but powerful. I usually make videos of theater performances where I use a static camera to record a general view and a second camera to record first shoots of the actors. Then, I put the general view as basic (V1) and the other one in a superior video (V2). I want to switch between the two videos whenever I want to: if the detail video is good, that will be the visible track but if there is a general view I want to reduce visibility to zero of video 2 (detail) so that the general view is visible. A little time later, I want to come back to detail video and so on. I didn’t find any place where this is explained and I don’t know if it is possible. Is there any way to to this without cutting the upper video to see the general video.
Thank you very much

Appliquez un filtre opacité sur la vidéo de V2 et animez avec des images-clés.
Opacité sur 100, on voit V2
Opacité sur 0, on voit V1

Apply an opacity filter on the V2 video and animate with keyframes.
Opacity on 100, we see V2
Opacity on 0, we see V1

I’ll try and tell you.

It work perfectly.
In fact, I’ve written a tutorial in pdf (in Spanish, sorry, I speak Spanish) and I will leave it here just in case somebody needs it:

Thanks again


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