Switchboard Function

It would be great to have a switchboard option that can be used to edit multiple videos as it is playing in real time. Thank you so much. I love and will always recomend this program to everyone.


You’re talking about multi-cam editing, right?


Has anyone found a fatser way to edit multiple angle synced up videos?

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I just asked about how to do this in the How To forum section.

The thought struck me that a way to “switch” between tracks would be ideal.
The lined up/synced files from multiple cameras could be selected by a filter that lets you choose a different track as the source.
The key thing being that do not remove or lose sync on the original tracks.

e.g. Tracks 1-4 camera footage. Track 5 the control.

In Track 5 insert sections of transparent colour. (Open Other, Colour Transparent)
Add the new filter (Show Track?), select from tracks 1-4.
Tracks 1-4 could be hidden before export.

Another method would be a concept of a master/output track and a way to mark which sections of other tracks are active. A filter to “display on master”.

I haven’t got this problem yet, but may need it soon.

That would be a great way to do that. Hopefully we will see something like that soon!

A switchboard would be a great function. In the meantime, try the Size and Position trick described in this thread: